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Order the Montabone Album NOW!

The International Qajar Studies Association (IQSA) is proud to announce the publication of a facsimile edition of this rare book, the Montabone Album, the rights to which were acquired by IQSA from the Royal House of the Netherlands, in whose collection IQSA located this rare album. The IQSA reprint will also include notes by Nasser-ed-Din Shah from a similar album in the Golestan collection, as well as articles and notes by various scholars on the importance of this album.

The album is published in two versions, cloth and leather-bound, both duplicating the original look (red cover above). A special "Sponsors" page is also included, listing all the individuals who helped in the publication of this album with their prepaid orders.


How to Order: Cloth: Euro 55/US$ 65; Leather: Euro 100/US$115

. In America, send check drawn on US bank or money order in the right amount for the version of choice to: IQSA, P.O. Box 31107, Santa Barbara, CA 93130, USA.

. In Europe, send cheque drawn on EU bank or money order in the right amount for the version of choice to: Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn, P.O. Box 42518, 3006 DA Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

. To pay for the Montabone Album (leather or cloth-bound edition) by Credit Card through the Paypal Service please click here and follow directions: Montabone order/Credit Card payment.


Note Please: IQSA member discount does NOT apply to this order.

To order, please go to IQSA Publications form and choose check or credit card order.