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IQSA welcomes donations in any amount to help it in the continuance of its work pursuant to its Aims and Mission as stated in its Constitution and By-laws. Individual donors, unless requested otherwise, will be honored with a listing in the next IQSA Journal and Newsletter and on the Donors page of the web site of the Association.

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Special Offers for Donors:

IQSA needs your help to raise funds for 2009 and 2010, our 10 year anniversary celebration.
Donors will receive tokens of appreciation from us as our special "Thank you" as long as supplies last.
Your generous support will help us continue our work to 2010 and beyond!

Brief descriptions of the gift books for our donors:

--Shusha Guppy (nee Assar), who passed away in March of 2008, was representative of generations of Iranians who while deeply steeped in their own traditions and rooted firmly in the soil of Iran, made their way westward and became bridges between the old country and the new ones where they now made their homes. Shusha embodied the best of Iranian culture and the best of Western culture as well. She blended these worlds effortlessly and left us testaments to her talent in her songs and her writings. The Blindfold Horse is a moving example of her evocative power and stirs deep memories of a bygone era in the reader.

--Persian Poets is a collection of poetry from Omar Khayyam to Sana'i, Attar, Rumi, Hafez, Sa'adi and others, beautifully produced by Everyman's Library Pocket Poets (Afred A. Knopf). It includes portraits by Abol Hassan Ghaffari of of Nasser-ed-Din Shah and Emam Qoli Mirza E'mad-ed-Dowleh (Dowlatshahi) on the dustjacket.


If you wish to correspond with us, our address is as follows:

The International Qajar Studies Association (IQSA)
P.O. Box 31107
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