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Concert and Dance Peformance

Dances and Music of the Qajar Court

Saturday, July 24th 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Fé Bland Forum

Santa Barbara City College (West Campus)

$10 Admission at the door


A Program of Traditional Qajar Era Dances and Music of the Qajar Court by Alexandra King and Dancers, Alaleh Mohajerani and Dancers, and Bahram Osqueezadeh and Musicians


Part One (Approx 40 mins)

* Alexandra King and Dancers: Three Dances
~"Kereshmeh"~ - Group Dance
~"Reng In Shushtari"~ - Group Dance
~"Azzizam"~ - Group dance


* Bahram Osqueezadeh: Musical Interlude


* Alaleh Mohajerani and Dancers: Solo
~"Rashid Khan"~ (Alaleh Mohajerani)


* Alexandra King and Dancers: Solo
~"Tea Cup Dance"~ (Alexandra King)


~Intermission (15 mins)~


Part Two (Approx 45 mins)

* Alaleh Mohajerani and Dancers: Three Dances
~"Golhaa"~ Handkerchief Dance (Alaleh Mohajerani and Laleh Mohajerani)
~"Ghassem Aabaadi"~ (Alaleh Mohajerani, Talin Lenuweit, Laleh Mohajerani)
~"Baabaa Karam"~ (Marcos Ferrando)


* Bahram Osqueezadeh and Musicians: Classical Qajar Era Music


Event concludes at 10:00 p.m.