IQSA 2009 Conference:
Conference jointly organized by
and the Institut fuer Iranistik, Vienna, Austria

~ Architecture in Qajar Persia ~

Conference Location:

Theatersaal Conference Room (2nd floor), Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS),
Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Conference Dates:

Thursday June 4 and Friday June 5


Confirmed Two-day Conference Schedule
Conference Attendance and Dinner by Paid Reservation only)

Thursday, June 4

Registration 8:00-9:00 am (Coffee/Tea)

Introduction 9:00-9:30 am -- Dr. Bert Fragner (Institut fuer Iranistik); Dr. Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar (IQSA)

Panel One 9:30-10:45 am -- Cyrus Samii: Tehran and Trocadero: A Search through Travelogues for the European Sources of Qajar Architecture; Jennifer Scarce: The Role of Colour in the Techniques and Themes of Tilework in of Qajar Iran (1785-1925). Discussant: Dr. Houchang Chehabi

Panel Two 11:00-12:15 pm -- Bavand Behpoor: Guiding Design Patterns in Qajarid Architecture and Decoration; Hamid Ma'mani and Negin Sharifi: A Glance at Ornaments in Qajar Architecture. Discussant: Dr. Ebba Koch

~Lunch~ 12:30-1:45 pm Pizza Bizi Cafe; (Visit also Cafe Moser.)

Panel Three 2:00-3:15 pm -- Dr. Layla Diba: The Lost Palatine City of Fath Ali Shah; Dr. Ebba Koch: Some Thoughts on Qajar Art and India. Discussant: Dr. Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar

Docent Lecture at the Belvedere Palace (Start Time: 4:00 pm). To get there from the conference site: Tramway 2 from Stubentor to Schwarzenberg Platz (2 stops); Tramway D from Schwarzenberg Platz in front of MacDonald's up Prinz Eugen-Strasse (3 stops) to Schloss Belevedere station. Address of lecture: Schloss Belvedere, Nordwest-Oktogon, Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27. (Tramway map of Vienna)

(Lecture for invited guests, conference attendees and speakers only.)

Evening Free (For suggested restaurants, events and activities, click here. Also see the many City Center restaurants, piano/champagne bars, and hotel bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the conference site, as well as the restaurants around the City Park (Stadtpark).

Friday, June 5

Registration 8:00-9:00 am (Coffee/Tea)

Announcements 8:55-9:00

Panel Four 9:00-10:15 am -- Dr. Talinn Grigor: The Aesthetics of Nostalgia; Mohammad Reza Shirazi: Narrative of Deformation in Old Tabriz Houses: From Qajar to Pahlavi. Discussant: Ferydoun Barjesteh

Panel Five 10:30-11:45 am -- Dr. Joanna de Groot: Innovation, Adaptation and Hybridity: Some Approaches to Qajar Architectural Style c.1850-1914.; Dr. Vahid Ghobadian: Eclectic and Neo-Classic Architecture in Tehran During the Rule of the Qajar Dynasty. Discussant: Dr. Markus Rittter

~Lunch~ 12:00-1:15 pm Pizza Bizi Cafe; (Visit also Cafe Moser.)

Panel Six 1:30-2:45 pm -- Dr. Markus Ritter: Religious Architecture in Early Qajar Iran: Traditions Defined; Dr. Pedram Khosronejad: Tekiyeh Mir: A Qajar Home with a Unique Heritage. Discussant: Dr. Bert Fragner

Panel Seven 3:00-4:15 pm -- Dr. Heidi Walcher: About Urban Corporealities, Power, and Self-Image -- Qajar Buildings in Isfahan. Fatema Soudavar: The Twin Gardens of Darband. Discussant: Hans Timmermans

Coffee/Tea Break 4:15-4:30 pm

Panel Eight 4:30-5:45 pm -- Farhad Roozbehi: The Manner of Architecture of the Nasserid Era: Changes in the Old City and Urban Expansion; Kamran Safamanesh: Transitional Architecture in the Qajar Era. Discussant: Dr. Touraj Atabaki

Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks 5:45-6:00 pm -- Dr. Bert Fragner (Institut fuer Iranistik); Ferydoun Barjesteh (IQSA)

Conclusion of Conference 6:00 pm


Gathering Point for Dinner: Hotel Bristol Entrance, Kärntner Ring 1, 6:45 pm (Leaving 7:00 pm for Grinzing). Tramway D from Opera to Schottentor (5 stops); Tramway 38 from Schottentor to terminus in Grinzing; five minutes walk on Sandgasse to the Heurigen. (Tramway map of Vienna)

~Conference Dinner~ 8:00 pm, Heuriger Hans Maly; Address: Grinzing, 1190 Wien, Sandgasse 8, Tel. [43 (0) 1] 3201384. Conference Dinner Menu.

(Dinner for invited guests, speakers and conference attendees by Paid Reservation only)